chey ferná

Award-winning Executive Creative Director, Afropreneurship Venture Acceleration & professional 'make it pop' -er.

Hi, I'm Cheyenne
(pronounced "shy-yan")
Executive digital creative director, digital nomad  & adventure lover who helps people like you build an intentional career that aligns with the life you want.

My past work includes,
consulting across a variety of sectors, from early stage startups, through to multi-national enterprise business development, mostly while remote working. Currently I'm focussed on the African Startup Economy and aims to bring Pan-African expertise to the international market.

Here, you'll find my personal
resources, workflows & intentional frameworks for productivity

Currently I'm focussed on the African Startup Economy and aims to bring Pan-African expertise to the international market.

Creatives should be at the decision making table.
So, I help them cultivate their definition of success through 1-on-1

I'm also a public speaker who's just back from a life-changing week at
One Young World 2023 and Web Summit 2023.

I gave a lecture at ColumbiaUniversity
Scaling ventures for Afropreneur tech founders
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Advancing Afropreneurship

We are product people that solve problems & build bridges.

From Africa to the world & the world
to our continent.

Startup Ecosystem

Product excellence meets the startup ecosystem. Entrepreneurs trust use to build & accelerate their visions.

Let's build your vision.

Venture Acceleration

Strategic partner for investors and entrepreneurs looking to tap into Africa in the most ethical & appreciative way.

Education & Speaking

Apply to book Chey or her team as speakers for conferences, panels, events, educational talks and or industry gatherings.

what people
are saying
Work with me

"All round amazing!”

Cheyenne is all-around amazing! She is an awesome person to work with. Cheyenne truly embodies the promise that young people bring to transform the tired old ways of doing business. She is comfortable with new technology and is totally solution-focused. From my time working with Cheyenne, she never backs down from a challenge and takes on learning along the way with ease. Cheyenne is especially adept at working to a high degree of efficacy where little structure exists. As a designer, she can quickly connect the dots, make connections, and solve problems efficiently. Her work outputs are both on point and visually pleasing. She is also always willing to share new and often amazing ideas. She truly demonstrates the potential to use design to effect positive change.

Karthie Padayachy
Head of Vision &Innovation @Freethinking

“ A digital nomad with a global perspective”

Cheyenne is an inspiration to work with. She brings energy and focus to projects she is involved in. And her work ethic and drive motivates the team around her to get stuff over the line. She is really dynamic and not afraid to speak her mind and contribute to holistically solving a problem. A digital nomad with a global perspective adds to her uniquely refreshing abilities.

Ruwaan Deokaran
Solutions Executive @ iOCO

"Outstanding visual design skills that consistently surpass expectations."

Cheyenne possesses outstanding visual design skills that consistently surpass expectations. Her level of execution consistently hits the mark and goes above and beyond.In addition to her strong technical abilities, Cheyenne brings a contagious positive energy to projects and teams. She effortlessly infuses joy and optimism into conversations, making her an exceptional communicator.

This innate soft skill greatly enhances her leadership capabilities.

Roxanne Duncan
Service Design Lead @Freethinking

“Design experience & expertise!”

Throughout the entire Multichoice project, Cheyenne has shown her design experience and expertise. More importantly, Cheyenne has displayed management potential to not only lead a large team, but to manage a large team while under stressful time-constraints and deadlines.

Daniel De Bruin
Principle Business Analyst @Freethinking

“She's Outstanding”

She's outstanding. She was a great listener, communicator and delivered great value in our design workshops.

Senior Leadership

“Her leadership trait is her impeccable work ethic”

Not only does Cheyenne contribute meaningfully to all interactions she takes ownership of her responsibilities and executes them to completion.

Her leadership trait is her impeccable work ethic.

EOH Senior Leadership

“ Great knowledge about the industry!”

We had in depth workshops on our product. She had great knowledge about the industry, trends, brought in her own experience and was able to synthesise info and give us great insights for next steps.

Sabica Pardesi
Co-founder & COO, Moya Money

“ Creates a nurturing and supportive learning environment.”

As a mentor, she possesses an outstanding ability to foster a positive and inspiring learning environment and she effortlessly transmits this enthusiasm to her mentees.

Moreover, Cheyenne has the ability to translate complex design concepts in a clear and understandable manner, making them accessible to those eager to learn.

Her enthusiasm, approachability, and genuine interest in the success of her mentees create a nurturing and supportive learning environment. I had a great privilege of being Cheyenne's mentee many times and each time my understanding of user-centered design principles, visual aesthetics, and usability grew together with my confidence. Throughout our collaboration, Cheyenne consistently went above and beyond to provide valuable feedback and constructive criticism which empowered me to think critically and create better products.

Melica Sequeria
Design Mentee

“ Chey's designs do not require any explanation.”

A great designer once said, "if you need to explain it, it is probably not a very good design" and Chey's designs do not require any explanation.

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